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Devolution funds help transform the solid waste management site

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As part of the priority projects earmarked for development, work on the dumpsite began with the solid waste disposal site improvement project, the construction of one cell, a leachate collection pond and access road.

Council has committed the first chunk of funds received from devolution disbursements from Central Government to the construction of an engineered landfill at the Victoria Falls dumpsite.

The Local Authority has so far received funds amounting to ZWL$ 5,743,242.63 with ZWL $3,823,513.50 committed to the dumpsite and the rest trenched to other projects like the rehabilitation of control board, replacement of dosing pumps, corroded pipes and valves and purchase of roads rehabilitation and construction equipment – 15 cubic metres tipper truck.

Mayor of the town His Worship Councillor Somveli Dhlamini applauded Government’s commitment in bankrolling Local Authorities in a move that has cushioned Victoria Falls in its service delivery drive.

“I would like to express my appreciation to Government for the continued support as it has helped Victoria Falls attain some of our priority projects despite the Covid 19 pandemic which has shrunk economic activities,” he said.

Remaining funds were committed to the first cell of the engineered landfill and, supply and installation of two high lift pumps for Victoria Falls Municipality Water Works High Lift Pump Station, which are in progress.

“We have started working on our first cell phase on whose progress is at an advanced stage, and with funds permitting we are going move to the next cell and help clear paths for recycling shells,” explained operations engineer Nathan Ngwenya.

Victoria Falls Municipality had long earmarked the development of the landfill which is pegged at USD1,6 million to avert a plethora of possible health hazards.

Public health Officer Tongai Ncube, explained the impact that this development has brought to the town citing the reduction of fire outbreaks due to accumulation of methane gas at the site adding to air pollution.

“The new engineered landfill will curb looming ground water pollution as it manages leachate, and reduces annual fire outages will be curved as there won’t be methane gas accumulation thereby reducing a carbon footprint at the dumpsite.

 “after the project is complete we expect to see a completely new standard in solid waste management system for the town,” he added.

“Together with recycling the landfill will sustain wildlife as plastics that have a history of choking animals would be properly managed.

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