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Of the COVID 19 era and its Lessons

During this COVID 19 era Victoria Falls Municipality as one of the authorities tasked by Central Government to ensure the smooth provision of essential services, took heed of the calling to do what its best known for.
Notwithstanding a few glitches here and there, the Local Authority continued providing its community with clean water during the Covid-19 induced lockdown
Council also took advantage of slow traffic movement and attended to its road markings and construction of a drainage along Silitoe Road
Refuse collection is another of vital services that Council has continued to offer despite challenges
In the quest to help alleviate hunger in the community the Local Authority also cast its focus towards handing over donated food items, through the Mayor’s Cheer Fund, to the vulnerable members of the society
In partnership with Ilala lodge, Council established synergies aimed at propelling the futurist agenda of a sustainable green city by encouraging the need to spruce up the town’s general outlook
As a border town with two major road entry points, the Local Authority together with partners ensured the establishment of a quarantine centre at Mosi-Oa-Tunya High school and other isolation centres at the Mkhosana Clinic and Beat Aids. Moreover, the Local Authority ensure that its clinic remains fully operational during the lockdown.

In as much as the Local Authority has wishes to keep providing the community with quality services, there are some challenges encountered along the way which deterred progress, and these are as detailed below:
The town encountered fuel shortages and sometimes available fuel would be sold in the USD currency thereby hampering the town’s desire to collect refuse on time
Due to the economic downturn largely caused by COVID 19, many businesses were closed and some people lost their jobs thereby failing to pay service charges the Local Authority. This challenge has a ripple effect as it would mostly affect Council’s capacity to continue providing the essential services.
The escalating interchange bank rates led to the erosion of buying power in crucial elements such as water treatment chemicals.
The closure of market stalls and restriction of movement necessitated by the lockdown curfew also led to the mushrooming of various illegal vending activities in town which in turn translates to lost revenue for the Local Authority
Lack of movement in town also led to wildlife problems such as vandalism of some unmonitored properties by the animals
Some elements in our communities did not take heed of the curfew regulations leading to various violations which in turn put them at the risk of contracting the virus

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