Roads rehabilitation program gathers momentum

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Through Government funding amounting to ZWL $ 12,968,948.02, the City of Victoria Falls is working on a road rehabilitation project under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP), channelled through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and ZINARA.

The programme seeks to rehabilitate most of the City’s road network, damaged by the incessant rains experienced during the past season. The programme scope of works covers applying gravel bases and surfacing; and drainage systems construction, pothole patching, drain cleaning & vegetation control and resuscitating the collapsed drainage network.

The program is earmarked to strengthen the roads and associated infrastructure, giving much-needed facelift and resiliency.

The Town Engineer, Sherinah Sibanda, indicated that her VFCC team and contractors have hit the ground running rehabilitating roads after receiving funds from the Central Government under the program to improve the resort City’s road infrastructure. 

“The initiative taken by the Government of Zimbabwe to rehabilitate the road infrastructure is highly appreciated as it will provide safe and trafficable roads, Nationwide.

 “Due to heavy rains experienced countrywide end of 2020 and early 2021, the state of the City’s roads was deplorable due to wash-aways, erosion of materials and leading to gully formation on-road servitudes. Hence posing a threat to road users and nearby properties,” indicated Sibanda.

The programme spans across the City’s different road classes or networks from residential, CBD and industrial areas.

The roads to benefit from this initiative will include Ngugama Cres, Roads 16,46, 53,69, 4th Avenue, 10th Avenue, Mfelandawonye, Mpofu Street and Holland Road, with the Local Authority aspiring to add more roads when more funds are availed.

The Local Authority will drive the dream home to install street lights in the same locations to benefit the residents in the areas earmarked fully.

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