Pristine Victoria Falls Initiative ….an answer to a Clean environment

The establishment of the Pristine initiative aimed at keeping the environment clean and drift Victoria Falls towards the shared vision of a green City of world class standard is a welcome move by the community of Victoria Falls.

Pristine group comprises of number corporate players and schools that have pledged to ensure that their surroundings are litter free.

The initiative currently has around 50 organisations plus 26 schools who have signed the pledge.

The community ushers in a new culture of cleanliness as it advocates that its members ensure that their surrounding is kept clean during the course of the week.

Pristine has also mooted an initiative of installing rubbish cages within 500 metres for household in the City’s suburbs.

Victoria Falls is an environmentally friendly City whose niche market-tourism, relies on the preservation of the natural environment.

While applauding members for contributing to the success of the initiative, one of the initiative’s advocates Mike Davies bemoaned the unwillingness by other members of the community to participate in the noble cause.

“There is need for Council and stakeholders to educate the community as some members of the community who have not fully embraced the objectives of the initiative,” stated Davies.

The initiative has also ushered in the US$20,000.00 installation of an electric fence to protect wildlife from ingesting harmful substances from the dumpsite.

“We have a community which is unbelievably unique as we have to learn to live in harmony with our wildlife, hence there is need to make sure that wildlife, especially elephants are kept out of pain,”  added Davies.

The City’s Health Services Manager Mr Tongai Ncube commended initiative’s contribution towards attaining a clean Victoria Falls.

“This project is a welcome gesture by various organisations involved in aiming towards a clean Victoria Falls, and it is quite impressive that a number of other environmentally sensitive issues are being pursued by Pristine.

“The local Authority is also working at aligning its By-laws with the conventional environment trends,” added Ncube.

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