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Victoria Falls Intensifies Blitz Against Illegal Vending

Municipal Reporter

Victoria Falls Municipal police has intensified a blitz against illegal vending in the resort City.

A team of the Municipal police has been deployed targeting areas surrounding the COMESA market which is popularly known as Maplankeni, and various goods and wares have been confiscated.

The Local Authority introduced the raids in its quest to restore order in the resort City and weed out the community of illegal commercial activities which pose a threat to the City’s health standards.

Yesterday, Town Clerk Mr Ronnie Dube and team toured the areas which were an eyesore to tourism and other economic activities in the City.

In the statement released by the Local Authority, Dube encouraged prospective traders to approach Council and get access to designated places of trade allocated within the City.

“The Local Authority owns several designated areas of trade from which prospective traders can sell their goods and wares, and is aware that there are some licensed private players who offer similar services,” read the statement.

The blitz will go on as seeks to bring order across the City’s wards.

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