Council Standing Orders

City of Victoria Falls Standing Orders of Council Meetings – 2009

These Standing Orders may be cited as the City of Victoria Falls Orders of Council Meetings.


1. Special Meetings

Special meetings of the Council, may be called on the directions of the Mayor, or by a requisition signed by members representing not less than one third of the whole membership of Council or of six councilors which ever is the less, and this within fourteen (14) days of such request.( Section 84(3)(4).

2. Chair

At each meeting of the Council Chair shall be taken precisely at the time for which the same is convened, and business immediately proceeded with.

3. Order of Business

The order of business at any meeting of council or committee shall be as it appears in the agenda contained in the summons convening the meeting but the Council or committee may nevertheless by a vote direct the order of precedence to be changed.

4. Notices Convening Meetings and Minutes of Proceeding Meeting

At every ordinary meeting of the Council the notice convening the meeting, and also the minutes of the previous meeting, and of any special meeting which may have been held shall be taken as read provided that a copy of the said minutes shall have been sent to each Councilor previously.

5. Reports of Committee and Sub-Committee

All committees shall submit to the Council at Ordinary meetings of the Council, and at Special meetings when necessary and when stated in the agenda of such meetings, a report of their acts and their proceedings in carrying into effect the purposes of their appointment. All special committees and subcommittees shall report to the Council or to the Committees by which they are appointed.

6. Presentation of Committee’s Report

It shall be the duty of the Chairperson of a committee to present the report of his Committee to the Council and to move for its adoption. When, however, the Chairperson of the Committee is absent