Mission statement

To provide engineering services in the design, construction, maintenance and efficient running of infrastructure for provision of services to the town.

Roads Section

The roads section would normally be divided into three (3) divisions and these include Planning and Design, Works and Construction and Rehabilitation Maintenance Divisions. The work involved in each of them is outlined below.

Sewerage Section

The Sewerage section would normally be a subsection of Water Section. The would have two (2) branches, that is the Portable Water branch (normally referred to as Water) and the Sewerage.

Infrastructure Section

Provides infrastructure developmental programmes to all Council areas

Transport & Fleet Management Section

Management of Council transport and in accordance with council policies and regulations.

Town Planning & Development Control

Planning in residential areas is guided mainly by the guidelines from the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works & National Housing through circulars and to a certain extent by the Local authority’s requirements.